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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Hello Lovelies~

We meet again for the Mid-June update :) We bring you a round of new shawls and we hope you welcome the new tops with hands wide open, coz we definitely LOVE them to bits.

As usual, if you plan to take three and above of shawls, the price can be reffered to the poster on the side bar. Thank you to our friend Maiza for modelling the shawls for us for this particular update!

Last but not least, actually the most exciting should I say, ScentSassy is going GREEN!

We are giving away *FREE* Eco-bag for every purchase of RM50 and above! (not including postage price)

Oh and we haven't had much time posting up Pretty Peppermints, but we will make time and post up the peppermints!

Till then,

Much Love,

Cotton Tube Top

We are obsessed with this cute cotton tube because it can be worn under a cardigan and still make a statement. It also comes with a wrap around black belt! Another reaon we are obsessed is that it is not TOO long like some of the dresses you get on the market, but it's long enough to cover your back side. It's just cute with style :)

You can either wear it by itself (left picture) and throw a cardigan on, or wear it over the cardigan (right picture). Or if you do not want to put on a cardigan, you can always wear it by itself! your choice. Available in two colours :)

Vivacious Vanilla 12 (purple)
1 available

Vivacious Vanilla 13 (red)
Booked by Amirah

Vivacious Vanilla 07 (black)

Vivacious Vanilla 09 (pink)

Vivacious Vanilla 10 (blue)

Vivacious Vanilla 11 (Red)


Monday, June 21, 2010

This abstract shawl is available in two types, the first one is a single tone, which means the pattern is even and one colour all over, the second type is the 3tone which can be seen in the additional image added on how the colour changes from one end to the other.


Material: 60% Viscosa, 40% Silk
Size: 167cm x 50cm

CODE: Lovely Lavender 98 (black)- 1 available
Lovely Lavender 99 (white) - - SOLD
Lovely Lavender 100 (B&W) - 1 available



Material: 60% Viscosa, 40% Silk
Size: 167cm x 50cm

Lovely Lavender 101 (red) -
2 available
*as shown in demo picture above

Material: 60% Viscosa, 40% Silk
Size: 167cm x 50cm

Lovely Lavender 101 (green) -
*similar to demo picture above

Lovely Lavender V

Material: Polyester
Size: 167cm x 50cm

CODE: Lovely Lavender 94 (light brown)- SOLD
Lovely Lavender 95 (red) - 1 available
Lovely Lavender 96 (purple) - SOLD
Lovely Lavender 97 (blue) - 1 available


Material: Jenis Kesat
Size: 167cm x 50cm

CODE: Lovely Lavender 88 (purple+pink)- SOLD
Lovely Lavender 89 (red+beige) - SOLD
Lovely Lavender 90 (yellow+tan) - SOLD
Lovely Lavender 91 (purple+peach) - SOLD
Lovely Lavender 92 (blue+black) - SOLD

Material: Jenis Kesat
Size: 167cm x 50cm

CODE: Lovely Lavender 83 (ruby red)- 1 available
Lovely Lavender 84 (mustard yellow) - 1 available
Lovely Lavender 85 (sea blue) - 1 available
Lovely Lavender 86 (magenta) -
Lovely Lavender 87 (moss green) - 1 available

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Saturday, June 5, 2010

we've been featured!

We've been featured!!

in Remaja edition 1jun! thank you to all those who made this
possible, especially a dear friend! Sgt excited oke ;)

to read all about it, get your copy today!

In conjunction with the excitement, we are giving out a FREE SHAWL to 3 lucky customers!

How can you get the free shawl?
Simply by placing an order through the email along with payment

How is the lucky customer selected?
If you are customer number 1, 3 and 10 u are the lucky ones!! we will also announce your names so that you will know in advance to expect an extra shawl in your parcel :)

Place your order now and try your luck! ^^