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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pretty Peppermints #4

Hey lovelies~

It's been a while since we did our last Pretty Peppermints, so here we are again, and this time, we bring you a very useful make up tip.

Pretty Peppermints #4

Hye all,

February is just around the corner, and aren't we all excited since there will be so much celebrations during this month. Hari Wilayah, Maulidur Rasul, Chinese new year, Valentines day (for those celebrating).
I bet a lot of us would be making ourselves pretty for these festivities, however, eventually we would all have to take these make up off, would we not? So, in Peppermints #4, I would like to share with you, one of my all-time-favourite clip, on removing the toughest and trickiest make up of all - the make up of the eyes. Eyes are the features we love to enhance and don all the make up. But beautifully enhanced eyes comes with a curse. Like all make up, it has to all come of by the end of the day. However, the trickiest thing for eye make up is that you can never! put too much pressure on removing it as the areas around the eyes are one of the most sensitive part on the face :( To make matters worse, one eye make up I absolutely love is the MASCARA. Though I am blessed with long lashes, I just love how the mascara adds colour, volume and drama ;) Like all the other eye make ups, mascaras are hard and tricky to remove. Hardest if you ask me. I know this first hand and I have sacrificed eyelashes for this. That is until I found this technique. Check it out here.

It is the only technique I have been using ever since. And best of all, it works! Hope you guys try it out, and let me know if you know any other better ways!^^

Much love,

Monday, January 18, 2010

Lovely Singles II

We bring you yet another round of Lovely Singles, but this time it's the Black&White Singles, since there were demands for Black&White Shawls from dear friends^^
As in the previous Singles posts, all the Singles are limited! So hurry and grabs yours now :)

*50% silk and 50% vicose - very soft fabric

CODE: Lovely Lavender 31 (B&W) -SOLD to Olin


*100% Polyester

CODE: Lovely Lavender 32 (B&W) - SOLD OUT


*Almost 100% Polyester

CODE: Lovely Lavender 33 (B&W) - SOLD


Lovely Lavender V

These are new! Can be worn in two ways:

Available in five (5) colours:

CODE: Lovely Lavender 26 (Gray)- SOLD
Lovely Lavender 27 (Light Yellow) - SOLD
Lovely Lavender 28 (Light Pink) - SOLD

CODE: Lovely Lavender 29 (White)- SOLD
Lovely Lavender 30 (Light Purple) - SOLD

Lovely Lavender IV

Hye lovelies~

*60% Vicose 40% Silk - Soft fabric, but not too soft

CODE: Lovely Lavender 20 (Red)- SOLD to Liyana
Lovely Lavender 21 (Blue) - SOLD to Efa
Lovely Lavender 22 (Brown) - SOLD to Liyana

*60% Vicose 40% Silk - Soft fabric, but not too soft

CODE: Lovely Lavender 23 (Pink+Beige)- SOLD to Efa
Lovely Lavender 24 (Gray) - SOLD to Olin
Lovely Lavender 25 (Red+Beige) - SOLD

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pretty Peppermints #3

pretty peppermints #3

hey lovelies~

Before proceeding to pretty peppermints, I would like to address a few concerns of many. The Vivacious Vanilla 1,2,3,4 are all long wrap cardigans and the pictures shown are styles that can be made with the wrap cardi :)

Basically, all the wrap cardi look like this:

So you can style 'em up to the styles shown below :)

Now I would like to share other styles you can also try with this wrap cardi

and our dear friend Chuppa-Chup also shared with us a link that shows 12 ways to wear this wrap cardi :)

So, creative people of the earth, unleash your creative senses and style with this Soft and Sexy Wrap :)

Till next time~

Much love,

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Vivacious Vanilla

The Soft and Sexy Wrap

We seriously LOVE this wrap because
it can be worn in so many ways!
You can style it up in whatever
mood you feel that day and at
the same time, be chic and stylish!

Simply put, it's a wear-with-everything
essential you can style in 6 ways
or even better,create your own look!
There is no stopping your creativity flow! ;)

hence a MUST HAVE!
p/s: these are free size and can fit XS-XL

CODE: Vivacious Vanilla 01
COLOUR: Charcoal
MATERIAL: High Quality Japanese Cotton

CODE: Vivacious Vanilla 02
MATERIAL: High Quality Japanese Cotton


CODE: Vivacious Vanilla 03
MATERIAL: High Quality Japanese Cotton


CODE: Vivacious Vanilla 04
MATERIAL: High Quality Japanese Cotton
STATUS: 2 available


Monday, January 4, 2010

Vivacious Vanilla - coming soon

Heard about it?
Seen it around?

Coming soon

The VS Soft and Sexy Wrap
*in new colours*

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pretty Peppermints #2

Hye lovelies~

First of all, we would like to wish everyone a happy new year! May this new year be joyful and prosperous for all of us ;)

Pretty Peppermints #2

Hye all :)

Todays entry will be about a product I love and it's something I always carry around.LIP BALM.

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of lipstick and never liked using it so much so I opt for the alternative which is lip balm. But mind you, not just ANY lip balm.

It's T-H-E lip balm.

I have always fancied lip balms that gives colour tint as well as moisturize. Products that offer the best of both worlds (hint of colour + moisturizing lip balm) is all you need to looking great without over doing it. Great for everyday use ;)

Below I would like to share with you a new tinted lip balm in town, and the one I have always been using.

Maybelline New York Lip Smooth Color and Care

*the new lip balm on the market*
  • available in 3 different shades and flavour - Rose, Cherry, Strawberry
  • RM9.90
  • The stick color depends on the flavours, but all three are in the red shades
  • I just LOVE the design and colours of the packaging ^^

Mentholatum Lip Ice Sheer Color

  • Available in 2 different flavours - Strawberry and natural
  • RM12.90
  • The stick color is white
  • Gives a mentholatum effect, leaving your lips feeling refreshed ;)

Thats all for this week, till next time lovelies~

Much Love,