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Have a Scentsual Shopping!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Beginning or the End?

Hi Lovelies~

Happy 2011!! How will this year be different? New resolutions, new changes, new goals, new aims, you name it, I'm sure we all have some thing in mind. Achievable or not is a different story, one can always dream right? The only challenge is to make the dream a reality!

Talking about changes, I was in Singapore for the New Year for a change!

Near Marina Bay

You can guess which one is me obviously ;)

Why am I posting images you ask? This is coz, sad to say, this will be my last entry and shawl post ups. Reason? Am going away to Australia to further my studies, for two (2) long years :(

Me, my sister and boyfriend would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who had supported us, bought from us and given helped us in any way. We are happy to have offered you this service for the past year. So sad to leave tonnes of things behind, but sadly, life has to go on. However, if there are things in Australia that you'd like, for any reason, feel free to drop me an email at scentsassy. Kind comments and suggestions are all welcome :)

Til we meet again, take care to all lovelies,

(I'll miss doing this!)

Last Batch

Being the last shawl post ups, these shawls, obviously, has to be special. Flown all the way from Vietnam, the shawls below are authentically Vietnamese and guess what, they are one of a kind and you wont find it in the local market, so you'll be wearing something different from others.

And for this last cameo, *free postage* for the shawls below:

CODE: Lovely Lavender 122 (brown)- 2 available
Lovely Lavender 123 (pink) - 2 available
Lovely Lavender 124 (green) - 2 available
Price: RM15

The next ones are about the size of a pashmina, minus the weight and the dangling ends.

CODE: Lovely Lavender 125 (brown+orange)- SOLD OUT
Lovely Lavender 126 (green+black) - 2 available
Lovely Lavender 127 (pink+red) - 2 available
Lovely Lavender 128 (blue+black) -
2 available
Lovely Lavender 129 (orange+red) - 2 available
Price: RM20

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm sure all the lovely Scentsassy customers and viewers know of our top seller "Soft and Sexy Wrap" convertible cardigan, well, we found a certain type of shawl that could do just the same. . This shawl is the length of a normal shawl, except the fact that it has dangling accessories at both ends. The simples way is to just throw both ends over your shoulders. However, it can be worn styled in different ways, depending on your creativity, people^^

You can either leave it open or pin the front.

For the over shoulders cross, this is what it
looks likefrom the back

Material: Cotton
Size: 167cm x 50cm

CODE: Lovely Lavender 111 (light gray)- 1 available
Lovely Lavender 112 (beige) - 1 available
Lovely Lavender 113 (dark gray) - 1 available
Lovely Lavender 114 (baby blue) - SOLD
Price: RM28

Speaking of Soft and Sexy Wrap, for this Eid season, we are giving a promotion for the soft and sexy wrap for a LIMITED TIME ONLY! Buy 2 Soft and Sexy Wrap Cardigans and get FREE POSTAGE

Colours available: Purple, White, Pink and Teal. Email us for more information.

Studded Shawls

Hello Lovelies~

Remember how the studded trend that took over the fashion world like a massive storm last year? Well, good news for us wearing shawls, the studded look is now available for shawls! Get instant glamour and noticed when wearing this shawl! Moreover, for those who have no shawls for Eid yet, this gorgeous plain studded shawl is great for patterned baju kurung :)

Material: Similar Cotton
Size: 167cm x 50cm

CODE: Lovely Lavender 103 (white)- 1 available
Lovely Lavender 104 (dark purple) - - SOLD
Lovely Lavender 105 (soft pink) - SOLD
Lovely Lavender 106 (baby blue) - SOLD
Price: RM20

Material: Similar Cotton
Size: 167cm x 50cm

CODE: Lovely Lavender 107 (red)- 1 available
Lovely Lavender 108 (gray) -
1 available
Lovely Lavender 109 (dirty green-gray) - 1 available
Lovely Lavender 110 (beige) - SOLD
Price: RM20

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September Update!

September Update coming soon!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pretty Peppermints #6

Hi lovelies~

This is a Pretty Peppermints post! About time huh? Anyways, we are in the second week of the fasting month and I hope everyone is doing OK and going for tarawih prayers, yes? Do keep up the good work as Ramadhan only comes around once a year :) Speaking of 2nd week of Ramadhan, I am sure most of us are now busy preparing and getting things ready for Eid. Better still, I am quite postive half of us have gotten Eid shopping done, which is pretty fly I must say because last minute shopping is tiring and can get crazy at times. As for me, I have all of my Eid attire checked but the only thing I am still missing is a few make-up essentials. New blusher, compact powder and eye liner is what will complete my list. Currently I am using Maybelline's Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner which has been out on the market since last year if I'm not mistaken.

It took me quite some time to get this eyeliner actually coz I was not convinced enough to get it when it hit the market. However earlier this year I finally purchased it out of curiosity :3

Things I have to say about this Eyeliner:
  • I LOVE the thick intense black colour of this eyeliner
  • It is really easy to apply on the lids, only it needs a few adjusting periods to get used to it
  • It is not as stubborn as liquid eyeliners tend to get when removing
  • Effect this eyeliner leaves is actually nicer and neater- a more polished look
  • It is safe for contact lens wearers (Yeay!)
However, this eyeliner has some down sides that made me frown quite a bit:
  • It smudges
  • It does last actually, but after 4-5 hours I find that the tip/end of the liner will fade/smudge easily. I don't think my eyelids are oily, but maybe it did secrete some amount of oil after some time, so perhaps that explains the smudge
  • The brush is a bit on the cheap side - I am not surprised it become quite bad after some time
  • It takes some time to dry after application
  • It is quite a hassle to use this product because it comes in a separate jar, brush, etc. It takes quite an effort
The final verdict: I love this gel liner, but the down side of this product really does bug me. I would prefer if I Maybelline comes out with a gel liner that is easier to apply, as I am the type that is on-the-go a lot of the times.

Final say: Out of the years I have been wearing eyeliner, I have to say that my most unforgettable eyeliner purchase was, if I recall correctly, Revlon's Liquid Colour Stay Liner. It had the effect very similar to this gel liner and it did not leave a shiny and fake effect as other liquid eyeliners tend to show. It did not smudge and it was easy to remove. I purchased this back in 2006 and have never found it again ever since. Nonetheless, my search for the perfect eyeliner will still be on and I will not give up! I will update on the next eyeliner I purchase :)

Till next time lovelies~

Much Love,

Friday, August 20, 2010


Hello Lovelies~

Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak to all and we hope everyone is good, alive and kicking during this fasting month ;) As you all can see the image above, we are clearing shawls during this Ramadhan so we can bring you new shawls for Eid. We are clearing at a VERY LOW PRICE, so do browse along and drop us an email of your order, yes? Everything in this post is RM6 ^^

RM 11


Lovely Sale 10 (Moss Green)

Lovely Sale 11 (Crimson Red)

Lovely Sale 12 (Khaki Tan)

Lovely Sale 13 (Sea Blue)

Lovely Sale 14 (Deep Red) - reserved

Lovely Sale 15 (Dirty Blue)

Lovely Sale 16 (Orange)

Lovely Sale 17 (Red+Yellow) reserved

Lovely Sale 18 (Red)

Lovely Sale 19 (B&W)

Lovely Sale 20 (Pink & Black)

Lovely Sale 21 (Baby Blue)

Lovely Sale 22 (Soft Yellow)

Lovely Sale 23 (Lavender)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hello Lovelies~

We would like to inform that the booking period mentioned below for Soft and Sexy Wrap is OVER~
The booking period mentioned only for a period of time and the benefits of that promotion is that you have a whole week to bank in, instead of the normal 3-days period. But fret not, the cardigans are still available (please check availability under each image), it's just that now it's back to the 3-days paying period~ do email us your orders to scentsassy@yahoo.com

Tuesday, July 6, 2010



This time we are opening for bookings so that you do not miss out on this chance and better still, we have added a few more cardigans!

Also, don't forget our "Going Green" campaign where you can get FREE Eco-Bag when you purchase RM50 worth of items in a single receipt! This Eco-Bag will be definitely useful when you have to do your shopping, more over on Saturdays since Saturdays are now the "no plastic bag" day :)

We would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate our 3 lucky customers from the previous shawl update for getting a free shawl each. They are:

1. NurElina from Negeri Sembilan
2. Farah Liyana from Pahang
3. Anis Syakira from Kajang

Speaking of Eco-Bags and lucky customers, before we sign off, we would like to announce that, be our FIRST customer to pay for the wrap cardi once you have booked and win yourself a FREE ECO-BAG :)
Why you may ask? because we appreciate all of our customer's support. Thank you ^^

Vivacious Vanilla III

We are opening for bookings for all of the colours below!

But mind you, each colour's allocation of availability varies, so do take note on the number of availability we put there ^^

So how can you book?

1. email us at scentsassy@yahoo.com your details as below:

Contact Number:
Code Item:
Delivery method:

and put the title of your email the wrap cardigan of your choice, eg. Vivacious Vanilla 06(purple)

2. We are open for the bookings for a week (6 July - 13 July). We will write the names of the people who have booked under each respective images.

3. Once you have booked, wait for us to confirm with you (please allow 1-2days) and once we have confirmed, kindly bank in your payment any time during the week of 13 July-20 July.

4. We will post your item between 21 July-23 July. We will inform in advance :)

Material: Cotton
Size: Fits S-L
Price: RM 49
Vivacious Vanilla 02 (black)- SOLD OUT

Material: Cotton
Size: Fits S-L
Price: RM 49
CODE: Vivacious Vanilla 06 (purple)- 2 SOLD, 4 available

Material: Rayon
Size: Fits S-L
*the colour we are selling is a little bit darker than this
Price: RM 49
CODE: Vivacious Vanilla 01 (gray)- SOLD OUT

Material: Rayon
Size: Fits S-L
Price: RM 49
CODE: Vivacious Vanilla 14 (white)- 3 available

Material: Rayon
Size: Fits S-L
Price: RM 49
CODE: Vivacious Vanilla 15 (brown)- SOLD OUT