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Tuesday, July 6, 2010



This time we are opening for bookings so that you do not miss out on this chance and better still, we have added a few more cardigans!

Also, don't forget our "Going Green" campaign where you can get FREE Eco-Bag when you purchase RM50 worth of items in a single receipt! This Eco-Bag will be definitely useful when you have to do your shopping, more over on Saturdays since Saturdays are now the "no plastic bag" day :)

We would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate our 3 lucky customers from the previous shawl update for getting a free shawl each. They are:

1. NurElina from Negeri Sembilan
2. Farah Liyana from Pahang
3. Anis Syakira from Kajang

Speaking of Eco-Bags and lucky customers, before we sign off, we would like to announce that, be our FIRST customer to pay for the wrap cardi once you have booked and win yourself a FREE ECO-BAG :)
Why you may ask? because we appreciate all of our customer's support. Thank you ^^

Vivacious Vanilla III

We are opening for bookings for all of the colours below!

But mind you, each colour's allocation of availability varies, so do take note on the number of availability we put there ^^

So how can you book?

1. email us at scentsassy@yahoo.com your details as below:

Contact Number:
Code Item:
Delivery method:

and put the title of your email the wrap cardigan of your choice, eg. Vivacious Vanilla 06(purple)

2. We are open for the bookings for a week (6 July - 13 July). We will write the names of the people who have booked under each respective images.

3. Once you have booked, wait for us to confirm with you (please allow 1-2days) and once we have confirmed, kindly bank in your payment any time during the week of 13 July-20 July.

4. We will post your item between 21 July-23 July. We will inform in advance :)

Material: Cotton
Size: Fits S-L
Price: RM 49
Vivacious Vanilla 02 (black)- SOLD OUT

Material: Cotton
Size: Fits S-L
Price: RM 49
CODE: Vivacious Vanilla 06 (purple)- 2 SOLD, 4 available

Material: Rayon
Size: Fits S-L
*the colour we are selling is a little bit darker than this
Price: RM 49
CODE: Vivacious Vanilla 01 (gray)- SOLD OUT

Material: Rayon
Size: Fits S-L
Price: RM 49
CODE: Vivacious Vanilla 14 (white)- 3 available

Material: Rayon
Size: Fits S-L
Price: RM 49
CODE: Vivacious Vanilla 15 (brown)- SOLD OUT