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Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm sure all the lovely Scentsassy customers and viewers know of our top seller "Soft and Sexy Wrap" convertible cardigan, well, we found a certain type of shawl that could do just the same. . This shawl is the length of a normal shawl, except the fact that it has dangling accessories at both ends. The simples way is to just throw both ends over your shoulders. However, it can be worn styled in different ways, depending on your creativity, people^^

You can either leave it open or pin the front.

For the over shoulders cross, this is what it
looks likefrom the back

Material: Cotton
Size: 167cm x 50cm

CODE: Lovely Lavender 111 (light gray)- 1 available
Lovely Lavender 112 (beige) - 1 available
Lovely Lavender 113 (dark gray) - 1 available
Lovely Lavender 114 (baby blue) - SOLD
Price: RM28

Speaking of Soft and Sexy Wrap, for this Eid season, we are giving a promotion for the soft and sexy wrap for a LIMITED TIME ONLY! Buy 2 Soft and Sexy Wrap Cardigans and get FREE POSTAGE

Colours available: Purple, White, Pink and Teal. Email us for more information.

Studded Shawls

Hello Lovelies~

Remember how the studded trend that took over the fashion world like a massive storm last year? Well, good news for us wearing shawls, the studded look is now available for shawls! Get instant glamour and noticed when wearing this shawl! Moreover, for those who have no shawls for Eid yet, this gorgeous plain studded shawl is great for patterned baju kurung :)

Material: Similar Cotton
Size: 167cm x 50cm

CODE: Lovely Lavender 103 (white)- 1 available
Lovely Lavender 104 (dark purple) - - SOLD
Lovely Lavender 105 (soft pink) - SOLD
Lovely Lavender 106 (baby blue) - SOLD
Price: RM20

Material: Similar Cotton
Size: 167cm x 50cm

CODE: Lovely Lavender 107 (red)- 1 available
Lovely Lavender 108 (gray) -
1 available
Lovely Lavender 109 (dirty green-gray) - 1 available
Lovely Lavender 110 (beige) - SOLD
Price: RM20

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September Update!

September Update coming soon!