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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pretty Peppermints #6

Hi lovelies~

This is a Pretty Peppermints post! About time huh? Anyways, we are in the second week of the fasting month and I hope everyone is doing OK and going for tarawih prayers, yes? Do keep up the good work as Ramadhan only comes around once a year :) Speaking of 2nd week of Ramadhan, I am sure most of us are now busy preparing and getting things ready for Eid. Better still, I am quite postive half of us have gotten Eid shopping done, which is pretty fly I must say because last minute shopping is tiring and can get crazy at times. As for me, I have all of my Eid attire checked but the only thing I am still missing is a few make-up essentials. New blusher, compact powder and eye liner is what will complete my list. Currently I am using Maybelline's Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner which has been out on the market since last year if I'm not mistaken.

It took me quite some time to get this eyeliner actually coz I was not convinced enough to get it when it hit the market. However earlier this year I finally purchased it out of curiosity :3

Things I have to say about this Eyeliner:
  • I LOVE the thick intense black colour of this eyeliner
  • It is really easy to apply on the lids, only it needs a few adjusting periods to get used to it
  • It is not as stubborn as liquid eyeliners tend to get when removing
  • Effect this eyeliner leaves is actually nicer and neater- a more polished look
  • It is safe for contact lens wearers (Yeay!)
However, this eyeliner has some down sides that made me frown quite a bit:
  • It smudges
  • It does last actually, but after 4-5 hours I find that the tip/end of the liner will fade/smudge easily. I don't think my eyelids are oily, but maybe it did secrete some amount of oil after some time, so perhaps that explains the smudge
  • The brush is a bit on the cheap side - I am not surprised it become quite bad after some time
  • It takes some time to dry after application
  • It is quite a hassle to use this product because it comes in a separate jar, brush, etc. It takes quite an effort
The final verdict: I love this gel liner, but the down side of this product really does bug me. I would prefer if I Maybelline comes out with a gel liner that is easier to apply, as I am the type that is on-the-go a lot of the times.

Final say: Out of the years I have been wearing eyeliner, I have to say that my most unforgettable eyeliner purchase was, if I recall correctly, Revlon's Liquid Colour Stay Liner. It had the effect very similar to this gel liner and it did not leave a shiny and fake effect as other liquid eyeliners tend to show. It did not smudge and it was easy to remove. I purchased this back in 2006 and have never found it again ever since. Nonetheless, my search for the perfect eyeliner will still be on and I will not give up! I will update on the next eyeliner I purchase :)

Till next time lovelies~

Much Love,

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